Cover Your Walls And Redo Your Home Decor

Cover Your Walls And Redo Your Home Decor

Redoing the home decor or home improvement needs a lot of planning and a proper budget. In contemporary times, most people often get bored with their home decor quite soon after two three years and even after a year and they feel they need a change in their home environment. Redoing the home decor is quite an interesting job and requires a lot of patience and thinking. Giving personal touch to your house according to your choice and taste needs a lot of thinking and planning. If you are planning to redo the walls of the house, you can repaint it, tile it or cover up with paper.

Wallpaper installation is one of the very affordable and cheapest ways of home decor. It is making a comeback in contemporary times as you can find them all over the place- magazines, advertisements, catalogs, commercials, movies etc. There are many factors which are making them popular. Technology has advanced and with this improvement in technology, a lot of things are undergoing transformation and wall coverings are no exception to it. In today’s time one can find wall covers which look like leather, burlap, metal, stone and straw. You can even find wall murals in the range. Textured papers are also very popular and look like crocodile skin. This is why it has suddenly become as popular as most people are finding what they yearn for when it comes to designs and patterns. It also adds sophistication and elegance to the home decor.

Decorative wall tiles in Melbourne are also popular but its installation costs are high which does not make them an ideal choice when compared to the paper alternatives. Homeowners are looking for creative alternatives which are very much provided by these beautiful and designer paper wall covers. For people who like painting their walls, there papers which can be painted. Paint on papers are very good option for such people as they are cheap and beautiful. They look like tin ceiling in appearance and cost less. There are papers which can be used on walls for many years and can be easily peeled off after use. No tools will be required for removing them or scraping them off. It can simply be removed by peeling it off and a new cover can be installed in its place. These are called easy off paper. There are wall covers which can be easily washed as they come with a special coating which makes them washable as well as strain resistant.


• You can use them for entryways, dining rooms, libraries, guest rooms depending on your choice.

• You can use bold colours and patterns or go for light ones as innumerable choice is available when it comes to its colours and patterns.

• Hide imperfections and match the existing home decor.

• Use big and bold print for tall walls.

• Use strong prints and colours for accent walls.

Author: Francesca Wheeler