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  • Hot Dog Restaurant Begins With Big Bite

    Last night, a new fast food restaurant opened up in town bringing a new twist to a classic food. Doganza, a new start-up restaurant with the purpose of serving Hot Dogs in many different ways, from all over the world, opened its doors for business yesterday and sufficed to say it was a huge success. The consumers that showed up on the first day were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food prepared and for an affordable price too no less. They also seemed quite pleased with the atmosphere of this new go-to-spot for young ones.

    Major credit must be given to the event planner who was hired to make the opening night a huge success and she worked tirelessly making sure everything was perfect. She was brought in as an outside eye and too meet the ambitions that the owners had for the grand opening of their dream project and according to the owners she lived up to the billing of being one of the best up and comers in her field. However, she wasn’t able to this on her own and had to bring in help from outside.

    A big product launch event company was brought in to help with the planning of the opening night but for completely different reasons. They were brought in to make sure that the hot dogs being presented by Doganza were up to standard and was something they thought that the people of this town would like to spend their money on. They worked together with the owners and her and created arguably one of the best openings that a business has ever had in this town and the reviews about the opening were as positive as they were about the food itself. The partnership seemed fruitful and they seemed to be willing to work with each other for future projects should the opportunity ever arise.

    However the bigger story is how much of the market share Doganza stole from other competing fast food chains in town, showing that an innovative idea might be a force to be reckoned with in this highly competitive market where gathering market share isn’t as easy it seems. With the food being of this upper-echelon level, it won’t be surprise if other companies try to follow suit or even if new start –up try to follow Doganza’s business model hoping that they too can find success as easily as Doganza has found and will hope to open as strongly and make a mark against their competitors as quickly as Doganza have done.